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Tom Brady Drops Bomb About Controversial Call in ‘Tuck Rule’ Game

(Photo by MATT CAMPBELL/AFP via Getty Images)

You know, social media has taken over everything, even football. Tom Brady is out here revealing secrets about the “Tuck Rule” game. Sometimes, you gotta come clean about things. After more than 20 years since it happened, the GOAT has given Raiders fans all of the validation they need to know that they were indeed right. So, let’s get into what went down.

Brady has done a lot in his career. Seven Super Bowl rings, all of the records he can possibly set, and so much more. However, that career might look a little different if it hadn’t been for that fateful game in 2002 against the (then) Oakland Raiders. While the team has moved to Las Vegas now, fans will never forget.

While making a video on Tik Tok and sharing it everywhere, the greatest to ever throw a football dropped this little nugget for all of those fans to stew over for another 20 years. The Raiders don’t think it is too funny.

So it MIGHT have been a fumble? Is that what we’re all hearing here? In a season that would end with “what if?” for the Raiders, this game was the sour cherry on top. Tuck Rule. Snow Bowl. Whatever you want to call it, the game changed the face of football and a lot of various careers. Brady became a hero in Foxborough, and Charles Woodson would go on to be one of the best to ever do it on the defensive end. He wouldn’t win in 2002, but he would later collect a ring with the Green Bay Packers in 2010.

Safe to say… he didn’t like the video very much either.

Even though Brady isn’t retired, he’s dropping secrets like he is. Tom Brady fumbled in the Tuck Game…wow.

Tom Brady Breaks the Tuck Rule News After Coming Out of Retirement

Now that Tom Brady has revealed the true story about the Tuck Rule game… what’s next? Is he finally going to drop the details about those deflated footballs? What about Spygate? Can we get some more hints about anything? There is a reason why Brady came out of retirement, but dropping hot takes is not one of them, unfortunately.

“I knew my body, physically, could still do what it could do,” the quarterback explained to ESPN. “Obviously I have a love for the game, I think I’ll always have a love for the game. I do think physically I’ll be able to do it. I just felt like there was still a place for me on the field.”

So, there you have it. He’s feeling ready. Why would he quit now? Especially with how close he was to making another Super Bowl and winning an absolutely astounding 8th ring.