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Tom Brady’s Hype Video for Sunday’s New England Homecoming Is Nothing Short of Spectacular

(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Tom Brady is returning to New England on Sunday to play against the team he helped lead to six Super Bowl wins. Football fans are excited, but Brady just upped the heat with his most recent post on social media. It’s the perfect recap for the marquee match-up between the Buccaneers and the Patriots.

In the animated Instagram video, Tom Brady walks down the sidelines as highlights from his Hall of Fame career play out on the field. It opens with the Patriots taking Brady 199th in the 2000 NFL Draft and includes his many Super Bowl appearances. It even touches on the infamous “tuck rule game” and hilariously speeds up when showing the Super Bowl that Brady and the Pats lost to the Giants after going 16-0 during the regular season.

This is the first time Brady has played in Foxboro since he walked away from the Patriots before last season. The football world has salivated over this matchup since the NFL announced it earlier this year.

Michael Irvin, former Cowboy great, lost his mind over the pairing.

[Michael] Jordan had issues with the GM. He never really faced the GM on the court,” he screamed. “LeBron [James] had issues with Dan Gilbert, but he never faced him on the court. Tom Brady had problems with Bill Belichick. We are going to see each other on the field. We’ve never seen anything like this before.”

The 2-1 Buccaneers take on the 1-2 Patriots in Foxboro at 8:20 p.m. EDT Sunday.

Bill Belichick: There’s No QB I’d Rather Have Than Tom Brady

Tom Brady left New England quietly. There were no public blowups or angry press conferences, but there was always speculation of animosity behind the scenes. Commentators wondered if Brady and Bill Belichick hated one another. But the Pats coach reiterated recently that he’d rather play with Brady than against him.

“We’ve talked about that for two decades. I think I’ve been on the record dozens of times saying there’s no quarterback I’d rather have than Tom Brady — I still feel that way,” he said, according to Fox News. “I was very lucky to have Tom as the quarterback and to coach him. He was as good as any coach could ever ask for.

The feeling is mutual. No. 12 paid respects to his former coach but said he’s happy to be in Tampa Bay, where he’s already won a ring and is aiming for another.

“He’s a great coach, obviously a great coach, Brady said. “[He] has everyone prepared, does a great job of that. Obviously, I’ve said before, [he] taught me a lot. He was a great mentor for me for a long time, and I really enjoyed my time in New England. But, at the same time, I’m super excited about what we’ve done here. I’ve got a great group of coaches here, an amazing group of guys that still motivate me and inspire me to be the best I can be for this team and this organization.”