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Tom Brady Once Didn’t Shake Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Hand After Suffering a Defeat

(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Once again, NFL fans have been blessed with another epic Tom Brady story, and this time it comes courtesy of fellow veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘ QB is well-known for his intensity on the gridiron. Fans and analysts alike often group Brady’s competitiveness in with other sporting legends like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. Fitzpatrick’s anecdote about the seven-time Super Bowl winner is just one more example of it.

Recently, Fitzpatrick made an appearance on ESPN’s America’s Caddie where he told the Brady story when asked about his favorite moment of his NFL career. Most football fans know that the Harvard University graduate has been a journeyman throughout his 17-year career. “Fitzmagic,” as he’s called by fans, has played quarterback for nine different teams during his lengthy stint in the league.

Previous to his time in Tampa, as everyone knows, Brady spent the first 20 seasons of his career with the New England Patriots. For two decades, the Pats wreaked havoc on their AFC East rivals. And there’s no one that knows that better than Fitzpatrick. The 39-year-old free agent played for all three AFC East opponents: Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, and Miami Dolphins. Therefore, Fitzpatrick has been on the wrong side of many New England wins with Brady under center.

Ryan Fitzpatrick Makes Sure He Gets a Handshake From Tom Brady

That’s why Ryan Fitzpatrick relishes in the few victories he and his teammates earned over the iconic quarterback. When asked about his favorite moment in his career, he recalled an amusing story about Tom Brady being a sore loser. Following his first win over the G.O.A.T, Brady ran off the field without shaking Fitzpatrick’s hand.

It’s commonplace for quarterbacks to shake hands after games. It’s seen as good sportsmanship although there’s no rules stating it as a necessity. However, after Fitzpatrick’s second win against Brady, he wasn’t letting him get away this time. He’d taken plenty of L’s from Brady, so according to Fitzpatrick, he’d earned a handshake.

“Beating Tom Brady, after the first time, because after the first time he didn’t shake my hand,” Fitzpatrick recalled. “I was on the Jets [for the second win, four years later], and I had to chase him down on the 50-yard line.”

It comes as no surprise that Tom Brady doesn’t like losing. He’s admitted it on numerous occasions, so it wasn’t anything personal towards Fitzpatrick. But it’s just another example of just how intense and competitive the future Hall of Famer is every week on the field.

“Apparently, he hates losing more than everybody else hates losing,” Fitzpatrick added. “When he does lose, I want a handshake.”