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Travis Kelce Claims Browns Players Taunted Chiefs After Patrick Mahomes Concussion

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

If Cleveland was looking to get one over Kansas City, taunting Patrick Mahomes isn’t a good way to do it and Travis Kelce knows it.

Kelce, who plays tight end for the Chiefs, is claiming that Browns players were barking at Mahomes after the Chiefs quarterback suffered a concussion on Sunday.

He says some of the Browns’ defensive players were saying “that’s what we do, that’s what we do” after Mahomes was knocked out of the game. Backup quarterback Chad Henne had to come in and preserve the Chiefs’ 22-17 victory over Cleveland in an AFC divisional-round playoff game.

Additionally, Kansas City moves on to the AFC Championship game, where it will host the Buffalo Bills next Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium.

Travis Kelce Says He’s Not Suggesting Browns Had Intent

Meanwhile, Travis Kelce made it clear that he wasn’t suggesting that the Browns’ players had an intent to injure Mahomes in the game.

“You never wanna say that someone purposely took somebody out the game,” Kelce told Sam McDowell, Chiefs beat writer for the Kansas City Star. “But they were flying around, and after the initial hit, they were fired up, saying, ‘that’s what we do; that’s what we do.’

“So it’s just, there was a lot of talk between me and their players,” Travis Kelce said. “For the most part, it was just in a competitive mindset. I do feel like those guys are good dudes, and I respect a lot of them for that, especially Myles.”

Obviously, no decision on whether or not Mahomes will be ready for the AFC title game has been made as of Monday. But one will expect the Chiefs to not only take caution when it comes to their starting quarterback. They’ll make sure he is truly able to start against Buffalo.

Brittany Matthews, Mahomes’ Girlfriend, Offers Update

Additionally, Patrick Mahomes’ fiancé Brittany Matthews took time to give fans an update on his health.

Matthews took to Twitter to let everyone know how Mahomes was doing. “I’m fine, Patricks fine, thanks for all the prayers!” Matthews tweeted. “WE STILL GOT A GAME TO WIN LETS GOOOOOO!!!”

It didn’t take long for Brittany Matthews to put the hit behind her. Her statement about Mahomes’ condition was followed shortly by more tweets during the game. Matthews showed her support for Chiefs backup quarterback Chad Henne. “HENNEEEEEEEEE LFGGGGG,” she tweets.

During Sunday’s game, the Super Bowl-winning quarterback took a hit by Mack Wilson of the Cleveland Browns. In a video that’s hard to watch, Mahomes struggles to get to his feet. The 25-year-old appears to be dizzy from the blow. Mahomes was helped off the field.

Mahomes also shared a message for fans on Twitter, posting “#HenneThingIsPossible.” That’s a reference to backup quarterback Chad Henne. He took the time to respond to Wilson on Twitter, too.

“All good brother!” Mahomes tweeted in response to Wilson’s tweet. “Prayers to @PatrickMahomes. I pray you back next week! Go be great like you have been!”