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Troy Aikman Speaks on 1990s NFL Concussion Treatments: ‘If We Could Count to Ten’

(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

If anyone who played in the National Football League knows about concussions, then it would be former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman.

The old adage of “getting your bell rung” is used when football players become walking zombies after a hard tackle or hit. The NFL has done a lot of work in helping players who are seemingly struggling after a tough play.

The league has instituted concussion protocols that players must go through on the field. Fans watching on TV are now used to seeing the “blue tent” where players go in and get checked up.

Aikman talked about concussions in light of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes suffering one last weekend in an AFC divisional-round playoff victory over Cleveland. He appeared with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith on Smith’s “Stephen A’s World” show on ESPN+.

Take a look at this exchange between Smith and Troy Aikman.

Troy Aikman Believes Patrick Mahomes Will Be OK

“You’re a person who suffered some concussions in your career,” Smith said. “We know what happened to him (Mahomes) last week. How much of an impact to you expect that to have on his game, if at all, this Sunday against the Buffalo Bills?”

“Yeah, I don’t think it will,” Aikman said. “It’s a different time where they have to go through real protocols and meet certain requirements before they’re allowed to go out and play.

“Whereas, for us, I think if we could count to 10 we were back out there playing,” Troy Aikman said. “I never missed a game after a concussion that I suffered. I was always playing the next week. So, I expect too, like you said, I expect Patrick Mahomes to play and I don’t think it will be a factor whatsoever.”

Mahomes Takes Serious Hit From Cleveland LB Wilson

On this particular play, Mahomes happens to be scrambling out of the pocket. He ends up getting hit hard by Cleveland Browns linebacker Mack Wilson.

Mahomes appears to start getting to his feet, but his knees were apparently buckling. Teammates came out to help him. Ultimately, the Chiefs’ medical staff was able to get Mahomes to the sidelines. He found himself inside the “blue tent.” His day, though, was over and backup quarterback Chad Henne came on to finish up and secure a 22-17 victory.

The Chiefs, with Mahomes back at quarterback, will face Buffalo in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday afternoon.

But Troy Aikman remembers those days of getting knocked out while playing for the Cowboys. It’s a memory that he would rather forget about from his career.