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Troy Aikman Wants to Change Beer Industry With New Eight Beer

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Just look at Troy Aikman. Although the former NFL Hall of Famer retired years ago, he still looks like he could take a snap or two with the Dallas Cowboys. The 55-year-old Troy Aikman keeps in shape, but he wants you to know he’ll pop a cold one. That’s the way life should be. And that’s sort of a good advertising campaign — drink like Troy Aikman.

What to Know About Troy Aikman and His Beer:

  • Aikman is rolling out his beer at bars and restaurants in Texas.
  • Here’s the marketing pitch: The taste is great, calories are lower and the beer is made from healthy ingredients.
  • Currently, the beer is for Texas markets only.

“It’s a lifestyle brand is what it is,” Troy Aikman told TMZ of his new beer. “I work out. I’m very mindful of my health and wellness and what I put in my body. But yet I also feel that there are moments in life — times with friends and family — that need to be celebrated.”

Marketing wise, here’s Troy Aikman with the kicker quote, akin to taking a knee in the victory formation. “This beer doesn’t compromise all the hard work and effort that’s put in during the week,” Aikman said of his beer. “And that’s why I like it.”

Aikman said his beer — called Eight — doesn’t contain any of the unhealthy fillers. It’s all made of organic grain. If you like to count calories, each can has 90 calories and 2.6 carbs. That’s a smidge lower for both Miller Lite (92, 3.2 carbs) and Michelob Ultra (95, 2.6). Aikman said his beer is made with “100 percent organic grains.”

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Beer Named for His Famous Jersey Number

And of course, the name of the beer is a nod to Aikman’s career. He wore No. 8 with the Dallas Cowboys and helped his team dominate the NFL. The Cowboys selected Aikman, an Oklahoma native, with the first pick of the 1989 NFL draft. Aikman won three Super Bowls as the Cowboys starting quarterback. He was MVP for one Super Bowl and earned spots in six Pro Bowls. Aikman retired in 2000.

Since he retired, Aikman has dabbled in business ventures. But football still pays the bills. He was the lead NFL analyst for Fox Sports for the past two decades. However, Troy Aikman recently jumped networks. When football season rolls around, Aikman will be in the booth for ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

And maybe his beer will be national by then. Because if you want to drink this Troy Aikman beer now, you have to be in Texas. The beer is available in restaurants and bars. By next month, Texans can buy the beer at liquor and grocery stores.

In the meantime, Aikman is doing taste tests and appearances at the bars to hype his new product. It’s an easy sell since he’s one of the most popular ex Cowboys in a state that worships football.

Aikman is dreaming big with his beer. Might it go national? “I sure hope we do,” Aikman said. “I hope we do. That’d be a good conversation.”