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UFC: Chris Weidman Walking On Leg Weeks After Terrifying Injury

(Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC)

Three weeks after suffering a horrific leg injury at UFC 261, MMA star Chris Weidman is already up and walking around once again.

Early on in the former middleweight champion’s fight against Uriah Hall, Weidman attempted a leg kick. However, the maneuver completely backfired. Weidman snapped his own leg in half as he made contact with Hall’s shin.

On Thursday, the UFC fighter shared a recovery update for his fans and Instagram followers. Although Weidman is bracing himself with crutches, you can clearly see him putting weight on his injured right leg.

Doctors originally said it may take at least eight weeks for him to walk again. Yet Weidman has put in the work and gotten great results. He’s utilized numerous exercises with resistance bands to strengthen his leg. In addition, the fighter even used an anti-gravity treadmill to aid his recovery. Weidman’s results have been pretty amazing so far considering he’s over a month ahead of schedule.

“We are moving!!,” Weidman wrote on Instagram.

UFC 261 Fight Ends in Only 17 Seconds

On Saturday, April 24, Jacksonville, Florida welcomed UFC 261 to town. It was a stacked card and a sold-out event, which marked the first full UFC crowd since before the COVID-19 pandemic. One fight, and its subsequent injury-ending TKO, stole the headlines though.

Only 17 seconds into the Uriah Hall vs. Chris Weidman bout, the fight was already over. With the first leg kick of the fight, Weidman TKO’d himself from the match. As the fighter kicked Hall’s shin, his leg shattered. For those that haven’t seen the footage, the injury isn’t for the faint of heart.

As Weidman pulls back from the kick, the lower half of his right leg swings loosely. When he tries to put his weight on it, he topples to the mat with half of his leg bending underneath him like rubber. Don’t watch the clipavailable here, if you have a weak stomach.

The highly-anticipated rematch between Hall and Weidman was a decade in the making. In fact, Weidman handed Hall his first-ever defeat as a UFC fighter. Following his strange victory, Hall spoke out on the fight and Weidman’s wild injury in a classy post-fight interview.

“I got nothing but respect for Chris Weidman. He’s truly one of the best,” Hall said to announcer Joe Rogan. “It is a crazy story, that he was the first man I fought that defeated me, that introduced me to fear.”

“I mean I wanted to, you know, put on a great performance. But man, I feel so bad for him. I hope he’s okay. I wish his family well if you guys are watching… I’ve got nothing bad to say about him and I hope he recovers. And hey, whatever rank I am in the future, if he gets well, I owe him this fight. And I hope he can come back from it. You’re still one of the best, Chris,” Hall concluded his post-fight interview.