WATCH: Daniel Radcliffe Reveals How Fantasy Football Inspired His Love of the New York Giants

Daniel Radcliffe has let his history of fantasy films influence him in a whole different way. The actor most known for his role in the “Harry Potter” franchise has become an avid fantasy footballer. He is a huge fan of the New York Giants.

In a new episode of “Hot Ones” on the First We Feast’s YouTube account, the actor talks about his new projects, love of football, and his rise to stardom. “Hot Ones” has anyone from singers to actors to comedians eating wings with hot sauces that gradually get hotter as they go.

At the same time, they are answering random questions about themselves.

So how did an actor from England become a massive American football fan?

It all has to do with his role as an actor. When he was doing a musical, someone asked him to set up a team to get them more stats. At first, his team did poorly because he threw it together and didn’t regularly check it. Then, he became obsessed with the process of fantasy football.

“It’s a perfect sport for a fantasy. There are so many ways of quantifying football, not just in the point-scoring but also in yards … you can build an incredible game around it,” Radcliffe said.

While this football season has been offering many challenges and changes due to COVID-19, the NFL is still urging people to keep up with their fantasy football leagues.

The League posted nine reasons. One was “Watching NFL without fantasy football simply isn’t the same experience.” While another was “Daily fantasy football leagues are all the rage in the industry right now.”

Watching football and having a fantasy team not only leads to a more intensive hands-on experience, but it can earn some cash.

They also jokingly said you might as well because you’ve already seen “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” seven times.

Stats for the Giants

So, how are the Giants doing in the real world then?

In their last game this past Sunday, the Giants eked past the Bengals 19-17. They are set to play against the Seahawks on Dec. 6 at 4:05 p.m. ET.

The Giants are currently leading the NFC East division with a total of four wins and seven losses.

The team’s quarterback, Daniel Jones, recently suffered a strained hamstring injury. This might mean that they are down a starting quarterback for their game against the Seahawks.