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WATCH: Hilarious Video ‘Advertises’ Michael Strahan, Terry Bradshaw Action Figures for Christmas

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/NFL for Fox Sports/Getty Images)

Are you still looking for a gift for a loved one this holiday season? Well, FOX Sports has got you covered. On Sunday, the news broadcast program showcased some hilarious figurines of their NFL hosts. Michael Strahan and Terry Bradshaw are pictured hilariously in the video.

These figures are absolutely hilarious. Not only do the figurines capture each figure’s personalities perfectly, but they are also scarily accurate.

In the minute and a half-long video, the sports broadcast showcases an advertisement for the figurines. The video features two boys playing with the figures in a hilarious mocking of the football show hosts.

Making Fun of Terry Bradshaw and Jay Glazer

Perhaps the funniest part of the video is the depiction of Jay Glazer. The football analyst stands at 5-feet and nine-inches, but his figurine is half the size of the other analysts. To be fair, the hosts of the show are all exceptionally tall individuals. So, Fox makes fun of Glazer’s height.

During the video, Glazer actually makes an appearance while to dispute what the kids are saying about the hosts. While the kids are playing with the toys, they quite accurately characterize each host’s personalities. The two boys also poke fun at how each host talks about football.

The star of the video is undoubtedly Glazer. He comes running into dispute the way the boys are voicing the characters. At the end of the video, Glazer says that everyone should only collect his toy figure. He also says that Michael Strahan owes him everything and that Terry Bradshaw always wants to join him on his own show.

Based on looks alone, Terry Bradshaw’s action figure looks like he is about to pull a prank on one of his co-hosts. Michael Strahan has his patented gap teeth. Howie looks hilarious with the glasses glued to his face. And overall, everyone is well depicted.

The boys make fun of how the hosts can talk about football for so long. Nonetheless, this video is hysterical and well worth the minute and a half watch.

Fox Sports has certainly outdone themselves with these action figures. If they really are on sale, they will presumably be a big hit.