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Watch: NBA’s J.R. Smith Shares Video Flipping off Trump Supporters

(Photo Credit: Kevin C. Cox / Staff / Getty Images)

LA Lakers J.R. Smith has his own way of celebrating Joe Biden’s apparent win of the presidency on Sunday. 

Shooting guard J.R. Smith was all smiles as he drove down a road next to a long string of Trump supporters while blasting the song “F*ck Donald Trump.” Smith also stuck his middle finger out the window of his BMW while cars honked, and bystanders yelled back. 

The song is written by rapper YG and features the late Nipsey Hussle. Watch the videos below, but be warned, many expletives are used in the lyrics describing hatred for Donald Trump.

Smith was loving every second of the trolling and even lets out a giggle. 

Smith isn’t Alone

In addition, Smith isn’t the only NBA player that has voiced his hate for the President. 

LeBron James has continuously shared tweets about Trump with a few this weekend. One clip comes from the final battle scene from the hit movie Avengers Endgame. It shows a team of democrats and Joe Biden supporters against Donald Trump. James quote tweeted the video, with the caption, “Biden/Harris!!!! End Game.”

On Saturday, he also quote tweeted a meme of Donald Trump saying this famous line, “You’re fired!” James recaptioned it with three waving hands. The same day James posted a tweet that shows Biden’s head on James’s body as he dunks on Trump, whose head is pasted on Andre Iguodala.

Trump fans have reciprocated that hatred. While at a rally on Monday in Pennsylvania, the President once more voiced his opinion of the basketball superstar. The crowd added to the roast session with a “LeBron James sucks” chant

Donald Trump and the NBA haven’t seen eye to eye this season. Since returning to play in the bubble, players have continued to kneel at the National Anthem, which Trump has been outspoken against. In addition, he has continued to troll the professional sport for their low TV rating this year. 

Coaches Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich also have made their displeasure with the President known.