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WATCH: Peyton and Eli Manning Get Scolded by Dad Archie in New Super Bowl Commercial

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images for Reebok)

The Manning family makes a hilarious appearance (in matching pajamas) in the latest Frito-Lay Super Bowl commercial.

“Twas the night before the Super Bowl,” says running back, Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch as he narrates the ad. “And all through Tampa Bay, the Chiefs and the Buccaneers were ready to play,” he continues. Beast Mode then introduces “the Super Bowl legends of yesteryear,” Eli and Peyton Manning.

Despite the fact that they’ve retired from the NFL, the sibling rivalry between the Manning brothers is alive and well. During the commercial, Eli and Peyton wear matching pajamas while snacking on chips and throwing footballs at each other in the basement of their home. That is until Eli throws a football right through the wall. That’s when famous football legend father, Archie Manning comes down the stairs and scolds the brothers like a couple of rambunctious teenagers. As Archie scolds the brother, Beast Mode says “Beast up on them, Archie.”

The brothers continue to rile each other up. Eli blames the accident on his brother saying, “Catch the ball. Don’t be scared of the ball.” To which Peyton defensively retorts, “I was not scared of the ball!”

 Lynch continues to narrate a bevy of past NFL greats snack on their favorite chips, argue, and get ready for the big game.

Eli Manning Thanks Super Bowl Commercial ‘For Bringing Us Together’

It’s not every day that Eli gets to fight with his brother onscreen. During an interview, Eli talked about feeling grateful that he got to spend the time with his family.

“I think it’s always fun when you get to film a commercial with your brother and your dad,” said Eli. “So thankful for Frito-Lay bringing us together and having us do something that was kind of natural. Just playing a little game of burnout is what we called it,” he said.

Archie Manning felt the same way. He said that it was nice to spend time with his sons after being separated by the pandemic for the last year.

“We’ve pretty much stayed close to home here in New Orleans and Peyton’s been in Denver and Eli up in New Jersey,” said Archie. “So we all met out in L.A. And that was fun to get to see them,” he said.

In conclusion, if you’re missing your family, just book a Super Bowl commercial and air all your sports-related grievances together.