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WATCH: Pro Baseball Players Confront Fans in Stands After Alleged Beer-Throwing Incident

(Bettmann / Contributor via Getty)

On Thursday night, players from two professional baseball teams entered the stands to confront fans who threw beer at one of the athletes.

The New Jersey Jackals were taking on the Sussex County Miners, which play in the Frontier League. Both of the New Jersey-based teams play in the independent league. The Frontier League consists of 16 teams and is the oldest independent baseball league in the nation.

The Miners traveled in-state to play the Jackals at Yogi Berra Stadium in Little Falls last night. Thursday’s game also ran a Dollar Beer Night promotion for fans in attendance. It probably comes as no surprise that the cheap beer prices may have played a part in some unruly fans starting the near brawl.

A fan in the stands behind home plate captured footage of the altercation down the first-base line near the dugout. The video kicks in as players are seen entering the stands. While we don’t see a fan throw the beer at the baseball player, we do see the aftermath play out. Players from both teams enter the stands as an all-out brawl looks to be brewing – no beer puns intended.

The fan who is recording the fight notes that a fan in the stands threw beer all over the opposing team’s player. Obviously, the player didn’t take the incident lightly and decided to go into the stands to confront the fan.

Many sports fans will remember the “Malice in the Palace” brawl from 2004. During the NBA matchup between the Detroit Pistons and the Indiana Pacers, Ron Artest and other Pacers players went into the stands as fights broke out around the arena. Thankfully, the situation in New Jersey didn’t spiral out of control. But by the looks of things, they very easily could have taken a turn for the worst if cooler heads hadn’t prevailed.

Kenny Chesney’s Fourth of July Baseball Memories

In a more positive baseball story, recent Fourth of July celebrations reminded one celebrity of his little league days.

During the summer, baseball is a prominent aspect of many Americans’ lives. Over the Fourth of July, many Americans attend major league baseball games. For kids across the nation, they’re taking part in summer league baseball games around the holiday as well. That’s what country music star Kenny Chesney remembers the most about his youth around Independence Day celebrations.

Chesney grew up playing baseball in his hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. He spoke about often playing little league baseball games on July 4th during his younger days.

“You know what? I was usually playin’ little-league baseball on the Fourth of July,” Chesney recalled to Warner Music Nashville.

“You know, I was big into sports, and the summertime in East Tennessee consisted of playin’ baseball, and that’s what I did on the Fourth of July,” he added.

Yet the games themselves weren’t the only thing Chesney remembers about the holiday.

“And they had a big fireworks display after all the games, and I was usually, you know, tryin’ to win the affection of some little girl over at the concession stand,” Chesney also shared. “And, you know (laughs), things don’t change very much!”