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WATCH: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fans Go Wild in Streets After Super Bowl LV Win

Uzcategui Trinkl/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl on their home turf and fans cannot stop celebrating.

When your football team wins, you dance in the streets. That’s simply the rule. And Buccaneers fans are no exception. Tom Brady and the team clinched the Buccaneers second Super Bowl win in franchise history with a dominating 31-9 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. Not only that, but they also did it on their home turf, Raymond James Stadium.

This made them the first NFL team to ever do so. So, Tampa Bay fans have a lot to celebrate. And they certainly did. Fans took to the streets to celebrate decked out in full fan-gear. People danced, cheered, and car-surfed outside Raymond James Stadium and through the city.

The Tampa Bay Times was there to catch it all. In a Tweet, they shared several clips of fans celebrating. Along with the video, they wrote, “Here’s a look at jubilant, raucous and mostly maskless Buccaneers fans reacting to the #SuperBowl 55 win across Tampa.”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fans Can’t Stop Celebrating

Traffic around the stadium shut down. Police officers told the crowd to disperse. However, reports say more than 1,000 people were still out on the streets around 12:30 a.m. It’s hard to put a time limit on your enthusiasm when your home team wins the Super Bowl. Fans continued to share videos of themselves and friends celebrating.

A reporter from the Tampa Bay Times shared her fan views throughout the game. As the Buccaneers got closer to clinching the win, fans became more “rowdy.” Along with videos of fans celebrating, she wrote, “Fans are starting to get a little rowdy/excited at nearby tailgates.”

One fan shared a video of him and his friend standing in their truckbed during the traffic standsill outside Raymond James Stadium. As he speaks, fans excitedly honk their horns in celebration of the win.

In conclusion, Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans will likely be celebrating for a while after a win like last night’s. We know what it’s like to stay dedicated to your team through the thick and thin. So, congrats to all the dedicated Tampa Bay fans who’ve waited a long time for this moment.