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WATCH: Washington Football Team Has ‘Sewage’ Leak at Stadium, Covers Fans in Attendance

(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

The Washington Football Team fans at FedEx Field got a little more than they bargained for on Sunday. While the Team battles the visiting Los Angeles Chargers on the field, fans found themselves fighting off a flood in the stands. The downpour wasn’t exactly refreshing either. According to those in attendance, it was sewage.

Now, if you’re attending an NFL football game, there are any number of substances you might expect to drench you. A beer sent flying isn’t unheard of during a big moment. Getting soaked by a beer is far from desirable. But compared to a full-on flood of sewage erupting from overhead, it sounds like a great time.

It didn’t take long for the fans to clear out from underneath the downpour. But they looked on in disgust as they realized the true nature of their predicament.

To be clear, the liquid was not definitively sewage. The fan filming the whole thing unfold claimed that it was. But it could have any number of sources. Whatever it was, though, it doesn’t appear to smell particularly fresh.

“We sure it’s sewage or are they just creatively announcing their starting offense?” one jaded Washington Football Team fan wrote.

“Most definitely not sewage but could still smell (like stagnant water from a backed up gutter/drainage line) and be very unhealthy. But definitely not sewage,” an apparent expert on the matter claimed on Twitter.

“I hope they get more than just a refund, maybe like a tour of the locker rooms and access to their showers,” another joked.

The NFL season looks to be getting off to a great start at the Washington Football Team’s home field in Maryland. The Team is looking competitive with Los Angeles at the time of this writing. But anything can happen in the fourth quarter. When the sewage starts flowing, there’s no telling what’ll happen next. Hopefully, when it rains at FedEx Field, it doesn’t pour.

Washington Football Team Competitive Even With Major Injuries

According to Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera, the Team is shaping up for a solid season. They recently had a major setback when star receiver Curtis Samuel was placed on the Injured Reserve with a groin injury. Samuel is expected to miss three weeks, but Rivera is taking solace in the rest of his receiving corps.

“…you feel really good about who Cam Sims is…Terry (McLaurin) is as solid as it gets…Adam (Humphries) with his experience…obviously Dyami (Brown) is a guy that can run and so he’s a big play waiting to happen…It’s a good group. It really is. And if Curtis plays great, and if he doesn’t, great, because we’ve got a lot of confidence in the other guys,” Rivera said.

The Washington Football Team has a short week ahead of them. They are set to play the New York Giants on Thursday night.