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WATCH: Young MLB Fan Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity After He Gives Foul Ball To Girl Next To Him

Photo by: Chris McGrath/Getty Images

There’s nothing quite like when you’re a kid and you get all dressed up in your favorite MLB merch and head out to the ballparks. As balls soar into the stands, there’s a chance of catching a foul ball from an all-star player.

Wednesday, the Cubs and the Phillies went head-to-head. The result was a 6-5 victory for the Phillies. There’s also one little girl that feels like a winner in the stands.

Young Girl Given Foul Ball at MLB Game

Footage from the game shows a young boy catching a foul ball during the game. Then it shows as he decides to instead give up the ball to a young girl that is crying and upset next to him.

It’s such a heartfelt moment and surely it wasn’t an easy choice to let that foul ball go.

Despite the act of the good deed getting a lot of praise online, some people had a different perspective of it all.

For example, one person on Twitter wrote, “Great gest but can people even keep a ball without being judged anymore? The moment you catch it it’s like that ball is as much yours as the crying 5 year old next to you.”

Others counteracted that by saying the boy wasn’t being judged, he just decided to do a kind deed.

Regardless, the act of good deed went viral and has brightened up many people’s days by just a bit.

Kris Bryant Returns to Wrigley

Another heartwrenching moment happened this week in MLB.

Kris Bryant was traded by the Cubs and now plays for the Giants. He was one of the most popular players on the team and brought a World Series win to Chicago.

Bryant returned to Wrigley for his first game wearing a completely different uniform. It was a beyond emotional moment that got even non-Cubs fans choked up. You can see as Bryant wipes away tears and glances around Wrigley emotionally.

Cubs fans welcomed him to the field with a warm reception. He was given a standing ovation following a video tribute and also as he took the bat for the first time.

“This place is home to me. It always will be. I know my way around here. I go to my restaurants and sandwich shops. Anytime I’m here, I’ll always feel like it is home, even though I am at a hotel,” Bryant said to NBC Sports.

During his six and a half years on the team, he won a World Series, an MVP, a Rookie of the Year, and played four All-Star games. It makes sense that Chicago was sad to see him go and Bryant was sad to let go of the city.