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Willie Robertson Tells ‘Wild Story’ About His Dad, Terry Bradshaw, and Joe Montana: Exclusive

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Happy New Year, Outsiders. With the holiday season behind us and a new year ahead, The Marty Smith Podcast is back with new content. On this week’s show, after discussing some college football with Wes and Travis to kick things off, Marty had the opportunity to speak with Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson. The two discussed a myriad of topics, one of which was an absolutely wild meeting at LAX.

Willie tells the story of how Phil Robertson, who briefly started at quarterback for Louisiana Tech, ran into his old teammate and former Pittsburgh Steelers legend Terry Bradshaw at LAX. The way Willie tells it is that Bradshaw surprised Phil with a hug from behind and the two chopped it up, until yet another NFL legend entered the fray. That golden arm? None other than Joe Montana.

The three just had a nice conversation right smack dab in the middle of LAX.

Willie concludes by mentioning how Phil could spin the pigskin back in the day and that if he didn’t walk away when he did, Bradshaw might have had a very different career in football.

Willie Robertson on Brian Kelly

New LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly caused quite the stir when he introduced himself to the Baton Rouge faithful a few weeks back. Kelly, during a halftime speech at an LSU basketball game, put on a fake southern accent for the crowd and Twitter ate it up. Kelly, who is originally from Boston and came to LSU via Notre Dame, had some fun with it all.

Marty asked Willie about the accent on the podcast where Willie said, “[Laughs] I have got to go down.” He continued, “I’ve got to get myself to Baton Rouge so I can help him with some of the dialect. That was the funniest thing… So that was kind of interesting. Boy, he’s gonna have to really win now. He’s gonna have to win some ball games.”

So the offer is there, Coach Kelly. The bigger part, though, is what Willie also touches on. It’s not just the accent, it’s winning. LSU is one of the tougher jobs in college football. The last three coaches have won national titles. You have to win titles to keep folks happy in Baton Rouge. It’s not the accents, as fake as they may be.

In the episode, you can also listen to Marty and the gang talk all things college football, including how a rematch between Georgia and Alabama in the National Championship will ultimately go. You can listen to The Marty Smith Podcast on Apple, Spotify and wherever else you get your podcasts.